June 28, 2018

Pinar x Alper

We got a glimpse of Alper Saldiran and Pinar Tuncegil and their life as a couple: in their everyday routine they both wear the unisex Onesoul sneaker and interpret it according to their own personalities, both on a stylistic point of view and keeping an eye on practicality.


Pinar is one of the most versatile artists of the Turkish showbiz: you can catch her on TV in commercials and national TV series, but also at the theatre or on the big screen.

She becomes interested in acting during her teenage years thanks to her school drama club, but her professional career on an international level begins while attending college, when she is cast in avant-garde theatre plays in Egypt, Romania and England.

During these experiences she discovers her love for modern and meditative dance, from which both yoga and pilates come from. Since then, Pinar will also include dance in her other experiences and after college will become a pilates and yoga teacher.


Alper is one of the most prominent male icons in Turkey and he has starred in many TV series and commercials. Just like his wife, he develops an interest for fine arts since his childhood and takes part in small theatre productions. He also becomes more and more passionate about music. Among his interests we find culture, folklore and Caucasian dance, and he also learns how to play the guitar.

After an academic career in tourism, during which he takes part in small TV and theatre productions, in 2005 he makes what he describes as “the best decision of my life”: he accepts a scholarship for Yeditepe University (the same University as Pinar) and starts developing his career in showbiz.


Onesoul is the iconic sneaker by Guardiani that meets the taste and needs of both men and women living the contemporary era: the need for practical footwear - sneakers - that’s light and easy to wear, and the looks of a more formal shoe with a beautifully shaped design and its daring combinations of colours and materials.

Onesoul, with its versatility, is a sneaker able to reinterpret the needs of different personalities whose lifestyle may be similar, but whose style is really different, the needs of people who care about fashion and whose life and attitude are dynamic and fierce.