November 28, 2017

Julia X Dmitry

Introducing Julia Mayorova and Dmitry Shumov: one couple, two different personalities, for a single product: ONESOUL, the new sneaker from Guardiani.

Julia collaborates as a photographer with the most important fashion magazines, such as Esquire, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan. She even made Shia La Boeuf portrait for GQ and John Galliano’s for Interview.

She’s very much into portraying people, while Dmitry is more a storyteller of places. His sensibility aims to catch the poetry of uninhabited landscapes, hyper realistic situations, events and architectures.

These two photographers interpret in their daily life, as models this time, our unisex sneaker ONESOUL, accordingly to their different personalities. The new Guardiani’s icon is indeed light and easy to wear: it combines the minimalistic design and bold combination of colors and materials of a formal shoe with the 24/7 functionality of a sneaker.

We asked them some questions. Here’s what they answered.


1. How would you describe your personality in three words?

Julia:  Clothes. Cool. Stuff.

Dmitry: Don't worry, be.

2. How would you describe your partner’s personality in three words?

J: Witty, caring, sexy as hell.

D: Smart, daring, fast.

3. Tell us a distinctive character of your couple.

J+D: Consonance.

4. You both have a busy life, what an accessory needs to have to follow you in your everyday life? What can make it become your 24/7 passepartout?

J: Comfort.

D: Awesome look.

5. What's your job? What do you do for living?

J: Photographer.

D: Photographer.