December 04, 2017

Daria X Vasya

ONESOUL_MANY PERSONALITIES continues, the storytelling project of ONESOUL, the unisex sneaker from Alberto Guardiani, where couples of lovers, friends, co-workers interpret this shoe according to their own personality and style.

This time, the personalities chosen are those of Daria Kunilovskaya and Vasya Akkerman. Two inseparable friends, both journalist and writers, with different styles and interests.

Daria is a fashion and social media specialist: she collaborates with the best blogs as film maker and stylist and she always attends Milan and Paris’ fashion weeks.

Vasya, on the other hand, studied film making in England and he’s now producer for cinema and TV industry and he also writes about films as a columnist. Thanks to his sharp and creative writing he’s became a quite popular figure among Moscow jet-set.

The sneakers they wear on the photoshoot are perfectly suitable to their busy days. The new Guardiani’s icon is indeed light and easy to wear: it combines the minimalistic design and bold combination colors and materials’ of a formal shoe with the 24/7 functionality of a sneaker.

We asked the to tell us something about them. Here’s what they said.


1. How would you describe your personality in three words?

Daria: bright, dreamy and tender

Vasya: tender and cocky, dominant

2. How would you describe your partner’s personality in three words?

D: fun, caring, smart

V: sensitive, flirtatious, funny

3. Tell us a distinctive character of your couple.

D + V: joy and loyalty

4. You both have a busy life, what an accessory needs to have to follow you in your everyday life? What can make it become your 24/7 passepartout?

D: appropriateness for many occasions and being in current trends

V: we do. i guess lightweight. can be suitable not for a casual and a black tie at the same time

5. What's your job? What do you do for living?

D: film maker, stylist

V: a writer, columnist.