December 11, 2017

Alena X Vic

The ONESOUL sneaker storytelling project, ONESOUL_MANY PERSONALITIES, shows today two interpretations of two Olympic snowboarders, as well as housband and wife: Alena Zavarzina and Vic Wild. Both interpret the grey felt ONESOUL unisex sneaker with strongly streetstyle and sportswear inspired outfits, due to their background as professional athletes.

Alena won the bronze medal to the latest Winter Olymipcs in Sochi; she even won twice the Giant Slalom title this year. She wears the ONESOUL shoes with a burgundy red bomber jacket, skinny jeans and a super feminine vintage looking bag. Vic, who’s Russian by adoption after his marriage with Alena, is the first snowboarder in history to have won two gold medal during the same Winter Olympics; in 2014 indeed he won the Slalom and Giant Slalom in Sochi, beating his motherland, the USA. In the shoot he wears the same version of ONESOUL as his wife with cargo pants, jumper and parka.

Two similar styles then, those of the two of the most acclaimed snowboarder worldwide, who interpret one single design of ONESOUL in either boyish and feminine key. Guardiani’s new icon is indeed light and easy to wear: it combines the minimalistic design and bold combination colors and materials’ of a formal shoe with the 24/7 functionality of a sneaker.

We asked a couple of questions to Alena and Vic, here’s what they answered.


1. How would you describe your personality in three words?

Alena: I am very superficial I hate everything official. A mix of Sophisticated and casual.

Vic: Relaxed/Focused/Obsessive

2. How would you describe your partner’s personality in three words?

A: interested, fanatic, kind. Believes he is special but still works for it.

V: Motivated Artist Fashion

3. Tell us a distinctive character of your couple.

A + V: first of all we are a team. we balance each other out and make each other stronger partners in life and labor. He keeps me grounded and I keep him on his toes.

4. You both have a busy life, what an accessory needs to have to follow you in your everyday life? What can make it become your 24/7 passepartout?

A: phone + headphones

V: We travel a ton so having a good backpack is key!

5. What's your job? What do you do for living?

A: professional athlete

V: professional athlete