April 13, 2018


Now online a new chapter of Guardiani’s Onesoul, Many Personalities, the storytelling project that aims to outline the many personalities of the latest iconic, unisex sneaker of the brand: ONESOUL.

ONESOUL is not a performance shoe, but a design sneaker.
The formal revolution of a sport shoe that combines a sole typical of the running field,
to a minimalistic designed upper with a sigrature logo-shaped metallic detail on the strap.

Guardiani chooses the reknown Berlinese videomaker Senio Zapruder
to portray 5 different personalities close to the imagery of the Millenials.
5 personalities that embody a slant of the contemporary social youth, the most trend aware and fashion enthusiast.
A picture indeed of contemporary subcultures in the digital era, that don’t need any more
a common physical field to develop, since they rise on Instagram and grow up with the specific ritual of sharing themselves.

The first to show is the BOY NEXT DOOR, wearing an easy red suit worn with a sleeveless tank,
a self-confident guy as those influencers from Instagram;
then the ROCK ‘N BLONDE is the (darker) feminine side of an Instagrammer.
The ARISTOTECH represents instead the Whole new European wave of electro-techno lovers,
which can be mirrored to the other great music phenomenon of trap/hip-hop,
that of the TRAP PRINCE, aware of the Rap/hip hop icons of the past.
The slide-show ends with THE V-DANCER, the Vogue dancer, symbol of woldwide’s queer culture.

Each one of these personalities is matched to a specific colour of lights,
as well as the soundtrack, which succeed one another conceptually as they do on the radio,
to highlight the choral nature of the project, to conceptually represent an archetypical Guardiani Gang.

Different personalities are finally united as a unique group, not just because they all wear the same shoe as a uniform:
They’re all united by a common passion for music, joie de vivre and fashion.