May 04, 2018

present Terrartigiana

The site-specific design handmade in Marche.

Milano Design Week 2018. Alberto Guardiani on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2018 hosts in its flagship store of Corso Venezia 6, the 100% handmade in Marche capsule collection Terrartigiana by Studio Kubla.

During the whole design week has been showcased inside Guardiani boutique 3 custom-made designs from Studio Kubla: a stool, a chair and a bookcase, made with the colours of Alberto Guardiani's Spring-Summer 2018 collection. These objects, set in the windows and in-store, became three different installations together with shoes.

For the second year in a row, Alberto Guardiani chooses to give voice to young designers of the Marche territory, hosting innovative projects inside its flagship store in Corso Venezia 6 during Milan Design Week, with the aim to endorse Marche's natural, human and entrepreneurial resources. 

Terrartigiana has two main focuses: enhance the role of craftmanship in nowadays market and give life to objects that enrich the daily life, regardless of their main functions. Terrartigiana designs indeed are made by materials taken from the Marche region, such as oak and durmast.