October 24, 2017


Interview with Alberto Guardiani: An Italian in Turrkey

Designer Alberto Guardiani has just opened his first store in Istanbul. We talked about his brand that combines both classical and modern, sports and chic contrasts.

• What do you think about the effects of Italian style on the fashion world?
Italian fashion has always been dictating the rules of Worldwide’s fashion, because the strong know-how and awareness of the tradition blends, season after season, with new technologies and aesthetics. Creativity is our main key. Research, personality, craftsmanship and sense of style interact continuously in a universal language that is understood all over the world.

• What is your ideas on Turkish market?
To me Turkey is an exciting market, which is growing day by day . Turkish women have a unique style, they blend awesomely glamour with contemporary trends. On the other hand Turkish men are always flawless, elegant and look out for details. As our brand, we strongly believe on Turkish market .

• Who are your target audience?
Men and Women who wear Guardiani are fashion aware, but not addicted to it, they achieved success on their working fields, but they maintain carefree attitude, irony (and self-irony) and they always look for peculiar items that mix style, contemporary touch and functionality. My women are too busy to wear stilettos!

• What are the trends, details and color palette of the new season?
“Retro Futurism” this could summarize the overall feeling of the collection, who mix the athleisure trend with and a touch of 70 revival. The colors palette is composed colors are black, burgundy, white, mustard yellow silver and gold.

Photo Explanation:
Alberto Guardiani opened her second concept store in Akasya AVM after opening his store in Ankara.