June 12, 2018


Florence, 12 June 2018.

Like a black and white photograph of a preparatory school of the future: PREP / FUTURISM is the theme of the Men’s Collection proposed by Alberto Guardiani for Spring-Summer 2019. Details of school uniforms and, in a broad sense, of the Preppy style merge with those of an imaginary future made up of metal-like textures, robotisations and a passion for Hi-Tech.

Hence the creation of a footwear wardrobe in which the timeless vintage taste for uniforms encounters an idealised future with an irresistible convergence of neutral and neon hues, technical materials, leather and suede.

The flagship product Onesoul is the epitome of this trend. For SS19 it features the contrasting profiles of iconic Ivy league jackets with handpainted gold seams to redesign their structure with a raw DIY finish. Even Onesoul’s sock-sneaker versions, namely Onesoul knitted high-tops, are enhanced by colourful wasp-like graphics, as in the total white and royal blue stretch knitwear versions with rubberised calfskin strap and contrasting lines on a delightfully college-like 2X1 ribbed design.

The colour blocking effect of neutral and pastel hues brightened by powerful fluo graphics is the collection’s core theme. We find it in the latest Onesoul knitted mid-sock, launched for Summer 2019 in black with a small rib in JFK colours (red-white-blue) or in dove-grey with lime green details.

Guardiani proposes lime as the colour of the future. Lime highlights the profiles of Fresno, which combines a hypegraphic sole and high-tech fabrics in various shades of grey.

These dichotomies of future and present, pop and futurist dystopias distinguish Italis, a tennis shoe with box sole. From a frontal view it is seemingly the choice shoe for a doubles match while sporting at the Hamptons, while the back is enriched with highly contrasting details, such as a cracked crust or cold steel grey leather with red spoiler.

Finally, Guardian’s Spring-Summer 2019 presents two innovations. The running shoe Milagros proposed with an athleisure taste merges futuristic elements with mesh fabrics, neoprene and drawstring, which according to Guardiani will be the highly practical closure of the future. And, second but not least, Smartcasual, which revisits the Oxford shoe in a more practical way with rubber sole enhanced by marble print, launching it into the future with daring details, such as the insert on the sole and the contrasting geometrical patterns on the upper, developed in what we could call a regimental 4.0 nuance, with a continuous play of contrasting balances, and an eye to the future, while maintaining a vintage look.