06/02/2018 Published in AROUND THE BRAND 

Guardiani has chosen the ONESOUL unisex sneaker as the absolute protagonist of its advertising campaign for the second consecutive season.

The narrative of the ironic, but meticulous, brand universe is interpreted in a minimal-surreal key through the lens of Cosimo Buccolieri, with styling by Simone Guidarelli and set design by Jacopo Lettenmayer. The campaign is full of images that range from naive irony in pastels à la Wes Anderson and perfectionist 1950s contexts in Pleasantville-style caricatures. Here the ONESOUL unisex sneakers are the absolute protagonists within numerous lively tableaus, as well as the only element that stands out from the prevailing monochrome colour scheme.

The image of a man and a woman wearing the same pair of unisex sneakers, with their faces covered by a newspaper, is quite emblematic; their image is then repeated infinitely throughout the advertising on the newspaper's back page in a sort of Magrittian surrealism with a vintage flair.

Thus these dreamlike worlds frame everyday lives to depict the many personalities of ONESOUL, highlighting the infinite number of ways in which one person can wear them, but similarly and at the same time demonstrating a single style that many people can interpret.