Alberto Guardiani, a new flagship in Istanbul

06/09/2017 Published in AROUND THE BRAND 

After the succesful opening in 2013 of the flagship store in Ankara, Alberto Guardiani doubles the stores in Turkey inaugurating in Istanbul.

Alberto Guardiani’s second Turkish flagship store has opened last June at Akasya Mall in Istanbul. The first monobrand store of the Anatholic peninsula has indeed opened in 2013, in the capital Ankara, at the Next Level shopping mall.

Alberto Guardiani’s new store interiors, curated by the studio Ossigeno owned by Giacomo Ortenzi, follow the aesthetic of the other Brand’s retails worldwide.

Thus, elements of a modernist allure, like the armchairs signed by the famous Italian designer Vico Magistretti, are featured in a continuous stream of visual contrasts: frames’ golden metal clashes with the black textured wallpaper with golden leaf finishing. The wallpaper itself matches with the durmast parquet, where lie shimmering blue rugs, made of wool and cotton.

The indirect illumination, along with the general warmth of hues, except for the blue of carpets and expository surfaces, lend to the store a 1930s living room look: cozy, but luxury at the same time, glamour, yet relaxed.


All these feelings connect directly to the Brand’s imagery, where modernity and tradition coexist and innovation commits harmoniously to functionality.